Mission Statement

Avispa Technology provides cutting-edge workforce solutions accompanied by the most positively communicative and transparent experience for our clients, candidates, and employees. Our business clients experience unparalleled staffing solutions with access to diverse and exceptional talent from a world-class team of recruiters and dedicated Employer of Record services. For our W2 contractor clients we provide a pathway to superb contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire employment at stellar companies across a variety of industries. Avispa Technology’s Worker Wellness Programs retain talent long-term through generous compensation, nationwide PPO medical benefits, weekly pay, 401k, and retirement plans.

Engineered to Serve VMS Programs

Avispa Technology has been engineered during the recent rise of Vendor Management Systems (VMS); our approach is firmly rooted in technology and web-based applications that are leveraged in all aspects of our business. Our tech-savvy recruiters are expert users of all major VMS services and their industry knowledge ensures we hit the ground running with our clients’ VMS and workforce programs. Avispa has a deep understanding of how best to serve large enterprise VMS programs and our highly responsive program management drives our success.

Our Chile office was founded simultaneously with our Silicon Valley global headquarters in 2011 to provide employment for the booming American expatriate community in Santiago. It is from this technical recruitment center that Avispa’s recruiters work tirelessly, ensuring sunrise to nightfall coverage across the United States. All of our nearshore employees in Chile are young, professional Americans with innate technical aptitude and experience in the American business culture and the latest employment trends and opportunities.


Avispa primarily serves the high-tech sphere and has leading clients in Interactive Entertainment, Media (Film, TV and Online), Internet Services, SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Media, Gaming, Cloud Services, Data Storage, File Sharing, and Networking. Avispa also has strong ties with clients in Oil & Gas Services, Healthcare, and the Retail/Service sectors. Whether your organization is a stealth startup, a Fortune 500 powerhouse, or anything in-between, Avispa has the resources to optimize your workforce.



Minority Business Enterprise (Leaders in Diversifying the Workplace)

Rothman Moncayo, the Founder and President of Avispa Technology and CEO of Avispa LLC, was born in Ecuador and became a US citizen. Rothman earned his Bachelors of Science in International Business from Menlo College, a top rated business school and multinational private institution in Silicon Valley. After a decade of working as an Executive for Fortune 100 technology companies and global staffing firms, Rothman opted to develop Avispa Technology as the firm that will shake up the archaic staffing industry while bringing new products and services to market. Rothman is a strong proponent of highly diverse workplaces and always aspired to create a diversely harmonious organization with unparalleled opportunities for all genders, ethnic and religious backgrounds, orientations, and identities.

Avispa Technology is the brainchild of these themes and it is reflected today in our melting-pot team. Avispa Technology has consistently doubled the amount of employees and revenues since its inception in 2011. Rothman credits Avispa’s impressive growth trajectory to diversity and the ability to develop top technical talent. Rothman is based out of Avispa’s global headquarters in San Carlos, California, and frequently visits Avispa Technology’s recruitment center in Santiago, Chile.

Rothman Moncayo’s LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/rothmansmoncayo

Technically Superior

Avispa recruiters closely monitor business trends in the rapidly changing tech sphere, and assure that our own technologies, software, and web-based services continue to lead the industry.